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Trovica (Pvt) Ltd is an established and reputed Exporter and Wholesaler of Ceylon tea, Spices and other food products. We export bulk spices, All Grains, Areca nut, Natural rubber, Vegetables, Fruits and all the other food ingredients as much as quantity required by you. We are able to provide with whole, ground and organic spices along with a wide range of Spices, the company have been focused on providing the finest quality spices and all foodstuffs worldwide at highly competitive prices. Health benefits of Sri Lankan spices are well known all around the world. Sri Lanka has an ideal climate for growing spices which is why it is the largest producer of spices in the world.

Ceylon Tea

Sri Lanka produces volumes of Tea annually after India and China. However, better known as Ceylon Tea, after the earlier name, wears the crown as the best in the world and holds the sway over others . It’s the quality, flavour and the blend thereof that give this recognition globally. Pioneered by the Scotsman James Taylor (1872- 92) whose name is indelibly etched in the plantation terrain in Sri Lanka, who initially brought in for the botanical garden it bludgeoned thereafter to a mammoth commercial proportion due to the efforts of Taylor. The crop was meant to replace coffee as the latter was in danger of losing its market sustainability. Tea has ever since been the dominant source of revenue for Sri Lanka. These lush green plants scientifically know as Camellia Sinensis can be seen on the slopes of most of the central mountain areas of the tropical island, carpeting such landscapes bewitching the eyes, spelling out the fragrance of the essence suggesting what a tonic to consume.

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